Peritoneal therapeutic massage

Your fascia «speaks» about your vitality!

Fascia, the connective tissue that lies beneath the skin and surrounds our muscles and internal organs like soft fabric, ensures that everything in our body stays in place and moves properly. When the fascia, which is made up of collagen, elastin and interstitial fluid, is healthy, it is soft and flexible. But if the body is tense, it doesn’t exercise enough, it has a static problem, it is injured, or even if the body is dehydrated, its composition changes and loses its elasticity. The result in this case is that the muscles, as well as our organs, slide harder and the tensions, due to friction, increase, thus causing a feeling of stiffness and pain in our body.

And since everything in the body is connected, it is important that the solution is holistic and addresses the cause of the problem.
A key tool in the hands of the osteopath is the Fascia Therapy, a massage that goes in depth with the aim of either relieving or healing in case of injury. By keeping the fascia in good condition, we ensure pain relief, better body statics, relaxation and well-being in our body and mind, and most importantly, better health!