Visceral osteopathy

Your viscera are your second brain!

Do you think your brain is the only smart organ in your body? Then you should think it over! Your internal organs are equally important and each has its own emotional brain and a network of neurons that communicate with your brain. The reason is that they are connected to a highly active network of neurons, and hormones that interact with their environment.

Visceral osteopathy, among other things, deals with how our internal organs interact with each other or exert abnormal pressure on neighboring structures of our body, and it gives the right tone and restores the proper mobility to the organs.

The use of visceral osteopathy, in combination with structural osteopathy, works correlatively. The goal is the most accurate assessment and individualized treatment of the problem.

For example, if you have pain in the abdomen, the osteopath can treat the symptom by manipulating a vertebra, or vice versa, if your back hurts, the answer may be in your bowels, because the latter are mechanically and neurologically connected to the vertebrae. .

So while this treatment is extremely effective for issues related to your gut system and stress, it is not limited to them, but it contributes to a better condition of both your musculoskeletal system and the general state of your health.