The osteopathy is a treatment which detects, assesses, relieves, restores and prevents health issues, using a wide range of manual techniques. Its aim is to help all the structural elements of the body – joints, muscles, skeleton, internal organs, circulatory system, nerves and connective tissue – to coexist and interact harmoniously. This holistic approach to human health differentiates osteopathy from any other chiropractic treatment.

Osteopathy, as a form of treatment, began in the late 19th century, focusing on the work of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. A physician, surgeon, and author-researcher, Dr. Still was passionate about promoting a therapeutic approach that would optimally restore health with the least invasive medical technique. He believed that the musculoskeletal system is the engine of the human body and that understanding the proper position and function of each bone, muscle, ligament and internal organ paves the way for the right function of the body. For the creator of osteopathy, maintaining this integrity is a prerequisite for good health.