Craniosacral osteopathy

Treatment from the sacrum to the top of your head!

This gentle treatment aims to assess and improve the function of the cranial system, which starts at the skull, passes through each vertebra and reaches the base of the spine in the sacrum.

Cranial therapy is based on the theory that the bones of the skull, but also the cerebrospinal fluid, which is located between the layers of our meninx and in our skull is in a constant flow and movement at regular intervals. Thanks to this minimal movement, which acts as a regulator, our cranial system is able to work. This is why any destabilization of this system can cause disturbance, malfunctions and pain.

This study of the anatomy of the human skull and its biomechanics led osteopathy to develop a special palpation technique, which is intended to relieve a number of disorders in infants and adults.

This gentle palpation allows the osteopath to have a deeper assessment and help more effectively patients suffering from migraines, chills, vertigo, pain in the skull, neck, back and waist, but also from diseases such as oblique head and, acute otitis media. It can also help with sleep-related problems, and improve the quality of life.