Lymphatic massage - shunt with ligature

Lymphatic massage / shunt with ligature are mainly used as a therapeutic means of decongestion, for swollen areas of the body, such as the torso and limbs. Lymphatic ligature is the most suitable treatment for the edema in the lymph node, which is characterized by insufficient ability to transport lymph vessels with normal lymphatic load (chronic venous insufficiency).
This treatment is especially recommended after operations (mastectomy, tumor treatment, radiation for cancer and after lymph node removal.
Lymphatic ligation is also used for burns, scourge, Sudeck syndrome, migraines, heart failure, weak venous system of the legs and similar clinical conditions.
Lymphedema is divided into primary (congenital) and secondary (acquired).
Primary lymphedema is due to the underdevelopment of the lymphatic system, in most cases due to hereditary factors.
The secondary ones are caused after tumor and lymph node removal surgery, radiotherapy, as well as all orthopedic and traumatic diseases associated with edema (e.g. dislocation, sprain, muscle fracture).