Welcome to the Integrative Osteopathy treatment center

Here, we focus on how everything in the human body coexists and interacts harmoniously: joints, muscles, skeleton, internal organs, circulatory system, ribs and connective tissue.
Our goal is to maintain or completely restore the balanced function and structural integrity of the body. We look at the human health in a holistic way and we advise you to do the same.
If you suffer from pain or discomfort, stress and tension, we can help you. Even for the prevention of such symptoms, here at Integrative Osteopathy you will establish a new health relationship with your body and It is this relationship that leads to a better quality of life.


The Expert in the biomechanics of the body

An osteopath is a health expert who, after five years of studying, acquires a deep scientific knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body. With the clinical examination he performs, starting with the arrangement of the bones and the joints, he can assess the reasons for a malfunction and suggest the treatment that will alleviate the symptom and will gradually restore the lost structural and functional balance. His scientific training allows him to work along with your doctor and understand the special treatments you may undergo.

"My experience has taught me to deal with the problem holistically and not just the symptoms of the dysfunction".

Leftheris Nasiopoulos Osteopath

Osteopathy Center in Thermi, Thessaloniki