Acupuncture in the ears

Stimulate the power of self medication!

An ancient Chinese healing method, acupuncture reflects the principles of Chinese philosophy about the body as an indivisible whole. The method is based on the theory that next to the arterial, venous, lymphatic circulation and the nervous system of the human body there is a closed complex circuit of vessels, the meridians, in which the “vital energy” circulates. The smooth and uninterrupted flow of energy ensures health in body and mind, while its disruption by internal or external causes leads to the manifestation of diseases.

In the field of acupuncture, acupuncture in the ears is a painless therapeutic procedure, in which the therapist stimulates points located in the fin of our ear, to detect imbalances and solve problems.

The ear fin is a point where the entire human body is mapped. In this complex dashboard, acupuncture works as a tool to treat diseases and symptoms without the administration of drugs. By activating the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms, acupuncture can effectively respond to physical and psychological problems.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the treatment of forty diseases with ear therapy and acupuncture. These are diseases associated with pain, migraines, knee-hip osteoarthritis, psychosomatic syndromes, phobias and other disorders