A holistic treatment
Disarm the pain
Activate the power of your self-healing.

Trust your osteopath

In the Integrative Osteopathy treatment center we approach the human body from a holistic perspective and we advise you to do the same. Whether you are suffering from pain or you are looking for a permanent therapeutic care for prevention and empowerment, here, you will establish a relationship with your body, which leads to a better quality of life

” My experience has taught me to deal with the health problem holistically and not just the symptoms of the dysfunction”


Leftheris Nasiopoulos


Holistic osteopathic treatment

Osteopathy is the treatment that assesses, heals, relieves, restores and prevents health problems, using a wide range of manual techniques. Its purpose is to help all the structural elements of the body – joints, muscles, skeleton, internal organs, circulatory system, ribs and connective tissue – coexist and interact harmoniously. This holistic approach to human health differentiates osteopathy from any other chiropractic treatment.

The expert of the body biomechanics

An osteopath is a health expert who after having studied for five years, acquires deep scientific knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics of the body. Through the clinical examination he performs, starting with the arrangement of the bones and the joints, he can assess the reasons for a malfunction and suggest the treatment that will alleviate the symptom and will gradually restore the lost structural and functional balance. His scientific training allows him to work along with your doctor and understand the special treatments you undergo

The power of self-medication

At the Integrative Osteopathy treatment center we believe that our body has the potential to heal itself. The Diet, movement, the environment, the lifestyle and the way of thinking are of the utmost importance, and keeping the above mentioned in balance, allows the body to heal and face daily threats and damage. Weakening of health means fragile defense. Our goal is through osteopathic assessment and treatment to maximize, as far as possible, the body’s ability to repair its damage itself.

Man in the main focus

From a person suffering from the consequences of the western world lifestyle, (Sedentary life, wrong diet, stress, anxiety, phobias) to a week-old baby suffering from colic or headaches, (due to the various difficulties he had at the time of childbirth), everyone has the right to a physical, non-invasive, specialized and personalized care. In the Integrative Osteopathy we focus on the person who is ill and not simply on the illness that their health is suffering from.

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